embrace the new school

With the rapid change in technology, our challenge is to keep up with new technologies.
We will grow together with our clients helping them reach their targets. As we move forward
with new systems, platforms, anddigital marketing trends, we bring along with us those who
we consider not just clients but also friends.

Traditional Advertising
has been reformatted

Digital marketing spend will increase to 75% of marketing budgets by the year 2016.
DGT Alliance’s vision is to be a major player in the online digital marketing industry
positioning itself as a leader in the industry, providing the latest technologies to
our clients and making them, and us, proud of their online presence.

  • Green Advertising

    Digital advertising is green advertising. During the last decade there has been a massive shift from traditional to digital advertising.  With online marketing, there is more bang for the buck, as the costs associated with with online digital marketing are sometimes 80% lower than traditional media marketing. It's no wonder then that marketeers prefer digital marketing, especially in difficult economic times like the ones we have been experience during the last few years. And there is an additional benefit to Digital Advertising; it is good for our environment. With less printed marketing materials, marketeers not only save money, but also help to save our planet.

  • Today’s Marketing

    The shift from analog to digital media is often heralded as a move to “efficiency.” What that means at the end of the day is it’s easier for marketers to do more with less, and that usually means ad spending. On a recent survey of 600 top brand managers, 65% agreed that there will be an increase in Digital advertising spending over the next few years. In other words, If you are a company that has an online presence, the competition in the virtual world is about to get tougher. And who you trust with your digital marketing efforts is about to become a critical part of marketing strategies.

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