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There is no point in having the best looking, full featured online presence
if it is hidden among the millions of websites. Promoting and marketing your
website is as important as your overall company’s marketing strategy.


We can help you develop achieve this goal with our expertise in
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC),
Web Analytics and E-mail marketing campaigns.




    The fastes and easiest way to position your website on top of your competitors is to pay for advertising space in the mayor search engines. We will eaither act as consultants or do it for you. Our experience with AdWords will guarantee you an online prescence based on your budget constrains.


    Good content is king. Our SEO experts will guide you through the process of creating relative, informative and useful content that will position your site on top based on merit, and not just on paid positioning or using frowned upon techniques.


    Now a days, more people spend time on social media channels than anywhere else on the internet. DGT ALLIANCE customizes your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn pages. From simple backgrounds to having a micro website inside your Facebook page, DGT ALLIANCE has done it all.


    It is important to understand the dynamics of your site and how it translates into conversions. What happens once a customer reaches your site? Where do they go next? How much time do they spent on your site, and over what information. Dis they find the information they were looking for?

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