DGT ALLIANCE has been designing Elearning platforms
for a very long time. This field has evolved rapidly over the
last decade. And it will continue changing the way we learn.
In a not so distant future, Elearning will be the preferred way
to gain knowledge in a world where technological advancement
forces us to keep learning or be left behind. Whether it is an intranet
platform or an online elearning academy, we have the experience
designing, building, deploying and marketing your
online education venture. Talk to us regarding your
elearning platform or content needs.

  • Custom Course Content

    DGT ALLIANCE's Course Development Services helps you create student-relevant courses and curricula tailored to your needs. We utilize effective, proven processes to create unique student learning experiences based on your individual specifications. Whether it’s an academic online program, or corporate training programs, our course development solutions will help you create a relevant, fun, interactive and effective course curriculum.


    DGT ALLIANCE provides companies with flexible, intelligent e-learning platforms to meet training and content management needs. DGT ALLIANCE has designed platforms with a Content Management System (CMS) and a Learning Management System (LMS), from the ground up to work with the latest e-learning standards

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